With garment finishing services, we make the process of preparing your apparel for a retail as simple as possible. Using a number of options like Hang Tagging, Private Relabeling, Folding, and Poly Bagging, it’s a straight shot from us to the shelves with your brand’s products. Hit us up if you’re looking to take your clothing line to the next level!

Retail Ready Products

Presentation is paramount in making sure people understand the message you’re sending with your brand. From hang-tag application to fulfillment center labeling, we ensure you’re looking your best no matter how you get your products out there. Let us know what your project demands and we’ll get you moving.

Folding + Bagging

Folding each and every shirt can be a painstaking process that is completely necessary if you’re selling your products online or in-store. Let us handle it! We’ve got the tools to uniformly fold each item and bag them individually with the sizing to keep it all organized allowing you more time to sell and boost your brand.

Custom Relabels

Private labeling really opens the doors on how your brand is recognized. You put a lot of work into designing a beautiful garment, relabeling allows you to really own it. It’s the signature on your work of art that lets those who wear it know you created it thoughtfully from the ground up.  Don’t miss this opportunity to remind your customers about your amazing company and encourage repeat business. 

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