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Frequently asked questions

Not really. Setting up a design takes a lot of work. For this reason, we’ll go as low as 12 shirts per design. If you really need shirts and can’t hit the minimums, give us a call and we’ll check the available options.

Depends. Most custom t-shirts are printed in 10 business days from the time we get the thumbs up on the design, the price and we collect payment. We can always rush a job but that’ll cost a little more.

We create a screen for every color in your design and then we have to set that screen up. We love printing crazy colorful stuff but it takes some extra work, time and screens and we’ve got to pass that cost along. Everybody does it – we promise.

DTF stands for “direct-to-film” in printing. DTF Printing is revolutionary, as it combines a heat transfer element with a direct to transfer printer to bring your designs to life.

Yep!  We love visiting with clients and showing our amazing work.  We accept visitors by appointment only. Contact us at to set up an appointment. 

Dye migration is defined as movement of dye from a dyed material (like the threads in a t-shirt) to another material in contact with that shirt (like ink). This means that the dye from polyester fabric is moving—or bleeding—into the ink printed on top of it.

Nope. Our pricing is transparent up front. We don’t charge screen fees for standard printing and in the off chance we have to charge for artwork or something, you’ll know as soon as we do.

That depends.  Typically we don’t accept outside garments, though there are exceptions.  Every garment is different and although we have experience printing on thousands of different garments, sometimes customer provided garments are not suited for printing.  We have access to thousands of different garments, just give us a shout and we’ll help you choose the perfect garment.

That depends. We’ll need to know how many garments you want, what garments you want, the number of colors in your design and how many prints you want per garment. Use our Get A Quote form for a speedy custom response for your your project or give us a call if you’d rather talk through it with someone. We’ll get you an estimate right away.

Absolutely!  We’re experts in creating stunning designs.  See our artwork page for more details.

Sure!  Many clients love to split up their order between light and dark shirts, and that can require an ink swap.  For example, when you have both white and black shirts on an order.  A good tip is to have a design will look great on both a light or dark garment with minimal changes.

Hand refers to the way a shirt or print feels. “Soft hand” is a way to describe a soft print.  The softer the hand of a print, the less you can feel the ink on the garment.

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