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LuckyPrints transforms your ideas into embroidered masterpieces with precision and care. We are a custom print shop in Chicago that offers custom embroidery services catering to local enthusiasts and customers across the nation. Our commitment to excellence is woven into every stitch, ensuring that your designs come to life exactly as you envisioned. At LuckyPrints, we understand that embroidery is not just about threads and needles; it’s about expressing your identity and personal style. We dedicate ourselves to delivering quality craftsmanship and unparalleled personalized service. Whether you’re looking to add flair to your business’s apparel or add a personal touch to gifts and garments, LuckyPrints is your go-to source for all things embroidery.



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The Exceptional Craftsmanship of LuckyPrints' Chicago Custom Embroidery

At LuckyPrints, we pride ourselves on standing out in the vibrant tapestry of embroidery services. Our unique blend of high-quality craftsmanship, ability to bring complex designs to life and personalized customer support sets us apart. We’re not just about stitching your design; we’re about crafting an experience as seamless as the embroidery designs we produce. Whether in Chicago or anywhere else in the country, you can count on us to exceed your expectations with every order. Our dedication to your satisfaction is stitched into the very fabric of our business, ensuring that your embroidered apparel is nothing short of perfect.


There are countless ways to apply Custom Embroidery when designing your next product. We absolutely love testing new methods to discover innovative ways to bring your products to life. Let us know what you’re cooking up and we’ll bring our experience to the table.

Puff Embroidery

Puff Embroidery (or 3D Foam Embroidery) is so unique, it needed it’s own category. This is the most sought after embroidery method for brands and teams to finish their headwear products. Ideal for items like custom snapbacks and beanies, Puff embroidery can be applied other items like coats and bags to bring a flat image to life.

Embroidered patches

Embroidered Patches are an excellent way to decorate accessories like hats, beanies, and jackets and many other items! 

Unraveling the Charm: Why Customers Love Custom Embroidery

Custom embroidery garners love for its quality, durability and personalized appeal. Here’s why it’s a superior choice for apparel customization:

  • Durability: Embroidered designs outlast others, remaining vibrant and intact even after numerous washes. This longevity makes it ideal for corporate wear and personal items, ensuring a lasting quality impression.
  • Professional Appeal: Embroidery adds sophistication and professionalism to any piece of apparel. Polo shirts, jackets and hats with embroidered logos are a statement of a brand’s commitment to excellence.
  • Design Flexibility: The array of thread colors and the precision in detailing allow for versatile design possibilities, from simple logos to complex graphics, catering to various styles and purposes.
  • Tactile Feel: The unique texture of embroidery, with its raised thread work, adds depth and a premium tactile quality, enhancing the apparel’s perceived value.
  • Customization: Embroidery enables a high degree of personal expression. It offers extensive customization options perfect for unique corporate uniforms, team gear or personal gifts.

Choosing embroidery for your custom apparel means opting for durability, professional aesthetics, versatility and a personal touch, ensuring your garments stand out with quality and care.

Behind the Stitches: LuckyPrints' Detailed Embroidery Service Process

Starting your custom embroidery with LuckyPrints is straightforward and efficient. Initiate your project using our advanced online design tool, where you can upload designs or create new ones tailored for any skill level.

Next, request a quote. Our embroidery experts will then align your artwork with our quality standards and your vision, focusing on detail and accuracy.Our team then assists in selecting suitable apparel from our wide range of quality options, offering advice on fabric and color to match your design perfectly.

We’ll guide you through the design details, including thread colors and sizing, with a thorough approval process ensuring you have the final say.

LuckyPrints is committed to turning your vision into high-quality custom embroidery projects focusing on quality, transparency and customer collaboration.

Brands We Carry

At LuckyPrints, we believe in offering only the best, which is why we’re proud to carry some of the top brands in the industry. From local shirt embroidery to nationwide projects, our selection includes names known for their quality and durability. Whether you’re looking for the perfect canvas for your embroidered design or seeking the ideal gift, our brand lineup ensures access to the best apparel options. Trust us to provide the quality backdrop your embroidery deserves.

Custom Embroidery Services Transform Apparel into Art

Unravel the world of embroidered apparel with LuckyPrints, where every thread tells a story. Our custom embroidery services bring your favorite apparel to life, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness. From the classic appeal of polo shirts, perfect for casual and professional settings, to the stylish functionality of hats that make any outfit pop and the cozy charm of outerwear that keeps you warm while looking cool. Each unique garment offers a canvas for your creativity, inviting you to personalize your wardrobe or brand in the most sophisticated way.

Need Help? Our service is second to none.

LuckyPrints Is Your Guide to Custom Embroidery: FAQ

Navigating the world of embroidery can raise a few questions, and we’re here to provide the answers. From turnaround times to minimum order quantities and care instructions, our FAQ section is designed to help you understand the ins and outs of custom embroidery with LuckyPrints. We’ve compiled the most common inquiries to ensure you have all the information you need to start your project confidently.

To maintain the quality and longevity of your embroidered items, we recommend machine-washing them inside-out on a gentle cycle with cold water and hanging them to dry. Avoid using bleach or harsh detergents, and iron the garment inside out if necessary.

Our team is here to help you select the perfect thread colors to match your design or logo. We offer a wide range of thread colors and can provide recommendations based on the look you aim to achieve or your chosen apparel color.

Yes, we specialize in embroidery for various apparel, including hats and caps. Our state-of-the-art machines and skilled technicians can handle complex designs, ensuring high-quality results for headwear.

We use state-of-the-art techniques to ensure that embroidery on lighter fabrics remains durable and comfortable. Our team carefully selects thread and backing materials that complement your fabric choice, guaranteeing the embroidery enhances the garment without overwhelming it.

No problem! Our in-house design team can assist you in creating a new design or optimizing your existing embroidery design. Whether starting from scratch or needing adjustments to your current artwork, we ensure your vision comes to life exactly as you imagine.

Make Your Mark with Custom Embroidery Apparel

Ready to bring your embroidered designs to life? LuckyPrints is here to turn your ideas into beautifully embroidered apparel. Use our design tool or submit a quote request today, and let’s start crafting something extraordinary. Our team is excited to work with you to ensure your embroidery project exceeds your expectations. With LuckyPrints, your custom embroidery journey is just a stitch away.

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